The world is filled with seekers; pilgrims on a road to balance and peace.

We can find it within ourselves, by simply tuning into the love we have inside of us.

The more we feel the love inside, the more we feel the divinity inside of us.

You can change the world, simply by starting with yourself.

The Seven Pearls

We must oppose and resist within ourselves our negative emotions:
Hatred, intolerance, jealousy, greed, egoism, violence, force, addictions, anger, indulgence and extremism.
It is our goal to overcome these negative emotions within ourselves, and replace them with positive emotions, which we call the Seven Pearls of the Universal Temple:

1. Love
2. Understanding
3. Compassion
4. Tolerance
5. Peace (find inner balance)
6. Service (How can you help?)
7. Soul growth (study & conduct)

No room can remain dark when you light a candle. Be that light.


Members of all religions, philosophies, ways of life, be welcome. This Universal Temple is born to unite ALL HUMAN BEINGS. Membership is free, no money involved, no funds needed, no donations asked. Its structure and concept lies within the hearts of each and everyone of you. All we ask of you is to try and put into motion the Seven Pearls of the Universal Temple.


Would you like to join us? Simply start replacing your negative emotions with positive emotions, and you are automatically a member of our invisible society of kindered spirits. There is no need to subscribe or pay any membership fees.


If you would like to study philosophy and the Hermetic Teachings, we recommend the "Kybalion", "Wisdom of the Mystic Masters" and "Unto Thee I Grant", three books with infinite wisdom on conduct and esoterism. Furthermore we recommend the following website: